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Who are “Guider”, “Trustor” and “Confidant”?


A Guider is a rank. He has a right to get a Guider’s bonus when he builds his team. Such person can answer any question about participation based on his experience and knowledge of the MMM Community. A participant choose his Guider by himself. The Guider has NO access to the participant’s Personal Office.

If the participant does know how to make operations in Personal Office (create requests, process orders), he can appoint his Guider do it on behalf of him. The participant who appoints is called a Trustor. Appointed Guider is called a Confidant.

If you are Guider and Referrer of one participant at the same time, you will get only referral bonus 10% (the maximum bonus in MMM).

There are two ways to establish Trustor-Confidant relationship:

  • The Guider registers the participant through Personal Office and during registration process states that he is the Confidant of this newcomer.
  • The participant appoints his Guider as his Confidant in Personal Office:
    1. Click on “My page” menu.
    2. Click on “Guider” tab.
    3. Click on “Make my Guider my Confidant” button.
    4. Don’t forget to click on ”Save” button.

Trustor can start to operate his Personal Office by himself at any time. Trustor can annulate Confidant status at any time.



For safety reasons the most important operations (change of account information for Getting Help, creation of Requests, confirmation of receiving money) are conducted only through a confirmation code sent in SMS to the Trustor.

In addition, the Trustor will get the corresponding sms when his Confidant creates “Get Help” or “Provide Help” requests. For example, the sms with a recipient’s account information.

The Confidant can switch to Trustor’s Personal Office inside his own Personal Office.



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