MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria


2% AR verification


Hello Participants.

We are progressing gradually with the 2% AR verification. Take note that time is taken for the screening process to ensure correctness.

State PO name on transaction description and write via the order chat box the name of account payment came from, date and time of payment.

We would need you to understand that the administration listens to the voice of participants, especially through guiders and whatever is brought to the table is weighed to see how it correspondence to the Ideology, Principles and Operational Standards of our community. Also how it relates with development and long term sustainability.

After strategic consideration of the request by participants who PHed from September to November, we updated the system logic.

Now the system itself chooses to create 2% or not. if your request has been in the system for long then the system creates a transaction without 2%; that means those who created a pledge from September to November should expect 100% matching from now.

But the next time you create a pledge 2% will be matched first. Thank you for your patience, understanding and collaboration.

MMM Administration!

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Official Telegram Group Nigeria


Guiders and Participants of the MMM Nigeria. Please pay attention and who did not have time to join the official telegram group of the channel


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Happy New Year 2020 Nigeria


Administration wishes Happy New Year to Nigeria.

Congratulate the created CRO Nigeria.

Long work and stability.

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We are continuing the program and we are building and transforming lives we have been here in nigeria before and made great success, we are here to do it better and reliable to last forever lost monies in the former mmm program will be systematically paid back instalmentally mmm nigeria is here to stay and last forever, dont sit on the fence, come in now and lets make history together. 

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